Activity : non ferrous alloy chill casting and mechanical workshop.

Specialization: castings in tin bronze, aluminium bronze, manganese bronze, brass, rough and machined aluminiun casting.

Employees: 80.

Further information on the company: make use of an internal technical department and a die construction workshop.

Distances (in Km) from: railway (Ghedi) 5, motorway (Manerbio) 5, Customs point (Brescia) 20, Airport (Gabriele D’Annunzio) 5.

Type of products: integral bronze rims, bronze rims on cast iron and steel hubs, bushes, various aluminium castings.

Details of work processes: turning, milling, drilling, broaching, grinding.

Quality control staff: 2.

Main quality control equipment: hardometer for HB hardness, spectrometer, Rx, die penetrant check, universal measuring equipment for outside and inside diameter.

Production capacity : 4500 ton/year for bronze, 2000 ton/year for aluminium.

Important points to note forwarded by company:
sound business concern with quality of rough and machined items.

Production equipment:

bronze foundry: 9 bronze chilling machines, 2 automatic plant for bronze die gravity system, 3 smelting furnaces, 5 bale - out furnaces, 5 re-heating furnaces.

Aluminium foundry : 2 smelting furnaces, 4gas bale-out furnaces and 2 electric crucible furnaces, 12 aluminium chilling machines.

Workshop: 2 CNC lathes OKUMA (2 spindles), 4 CNC lathes OKUMA, 1 universal milling machine, 3 column drilling machines, 7 Iathes, 3 spure cutters, 2 hack sawing machines, automatic milling cutter for dies production.